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My Real Name is Victor Banda, but, i am well known as Victor B Angel from Chipata Zambia, you can whatsapp me here on +260971859771.

Group Founder: victorbangel
Description: I Victor Banda well known as Victor B Angel was born on 30th September 1991 in Chipata town, and i am the last born in my family out of the seven members, i started school in 2001, in Copperbelt Province in Mufulira town at Mano Basic School until i complited in 2013 in Chipata town at Anoya Zulu Boys Secondary School. == THE TOWNS I STAYED == * Firstly, i was born in Chipata in 1991 and stayed there for about 8 years. * I stayed in Mufulira district in Copperbelt province about 4 years from 2000 to 2004 (and thats were i started school). * In Kitwe i only stayed there for about 3 weeks so and that was in 2004. * In the same year 2004 i went to Chipata and stayed there for about 11 years so (and thats were i complited school). * In 2015 i stayed in Petauke district for about 1 week. * In 2015 to 2016 i stayed in Nyimba district * and before the end of 2016 i stayed in Lusaka district the capital City of Zambia for about 3 months. and on 28th December the same year i went to Chipata....... and right now in 2017 I am staying in Chipata.
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Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Internet

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go VictorBangel (1) victorbangel
Apostle Victor B Angel is the servant of the Lord at Fellowship Embassy Ministries International(FEMi Church) based in Nyimba and Chipata Zambia, the Apostle is the founder and overseer of the Church ...

go Victor B Angel (1) victorbangel
Victor Banda well known as Victor B Angel is a gospel music artist from chipata Zambia , he was born on 30 September 1991 and he is the last born in the family out of the seven members, he started sin...

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